White papers are to show you know your stuff

A white paper requires serious time and research to create but in the process you are making something that has real value. For you, the value comes in being able to show your customers that your product or service is exactly what they need. For the reader, the value comes in the peace of mind that you can provide what they need. I’ve created some extremely well-received white papers on a number of subjects.

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hite papers are, and have been historical, serious undertakings to produce. This is what imparts their enhanced value. In comparison to it’s simpler cousin, blog posts, they have fact heavy and based on tight argument and logic. Leave guesswork at the door and forget opinion; only watertight sources and major research skills will produce a white paper worth reading. With this complexity comes the opportunity to really show you know your stuff.


roduction values must be high with white papers. They have to look the part as well and walk the walk in terms of content. This means design must be sympathetic to the subject matter as well as reflecting your business values. They should contain a white range of data types (graphs. images, quotes etc) and need to keep the reader engaged despite their long-form nature. Getting all these requirements balanced takes effort, skill and experience. Step forward an experienced white paper writer like me.


alue from white papers is gleaned from the exposure you gain from them, as well as the leads they generate. A good white paper gets leads, a great white paper gets your industry buzzing with new ideas. If those new ideas came from you, then your PR gets a serious shot in the arm. This is why a white paper takes weeks or months to create. They have to be crafted with both customers and industry professionals in mind. This is one area where the term “thought leader” is more than just a buzz word.