Copy that sets you apart

Good website copy will make your site a valuable business tool rather than just a “must have” item you ticked off your list. Science meets art as I create copy that puts everything in precisely the right place and in the right way. It’s more than just words; elements such as strap lines, call to action, customer desires, customer journey and building an overall strategy that will lead directly to sales.


EO is an important part of making your site successful. Regardless of if your aim is direct sales, customer information and awareness, brand management or support, making your site easy to find via search engines is key to the success. I have a keen understanding of how to write copy to make your site rank as highly as possible. Working with your SEO strategy, or helping you create one, I can create copy that maximises your SEO ranking.


provide an end-to-end service. This means that having taken time to carefully understand your needs, I write copy that will mean your strategic needs. I then assist you in placing that copy in exactly the right place to maximise impact. Using pre-agreed performance indicators, I then work with you to examine the effectiveness of that copy and make changes to perfect it. The days of a copywriter dropping a Word file into your inbox and then sending a bill are long gone; or at least they should be.


nderstanding your needs is at the heart of my service. The reason for this is simple. Unless I really get to grip with what makes your business tick, I can’t deliver effective copy. How do your staff answer the phone? Which product sells at what time of day? What is the relationship like between your customer support reps and the customers? Getting “under the skin” of your business means I can form copy that is authentic and truly reflects your service offering. I’ve been known to spend days working from my customers’ offices to make sure I get the detail I need to craft perfect copy.