using video for impact
Careful placement of video on your web pages, blog content, and digital marketing can really boost impact, customer engagement and brand perception.

The uptake of video for getting information across has been immense. Video offers a unique chance to engage with visitors in a whole new and exciting way.  Telling your story using video means that you can show a side to your business that might otherwise be missed. I can create a wide range of video, with attendant special effects, that will spotlight your topic and hold the attention of your visitor. By using both custom-shot footage and stock footage, I keep the notoriously high costs of video production in check. Common projects I undertake are ;

  • Opening “hero” videos for websites
  • Youtube and Vimeo Vlog videos that supplement and build on traditional blogs
  • Videos that side atop or within articles to broaden the audience reach and engage visitors
  • Explainer videos that build momentum in your customer journey
Videos can take a wide variety of forms. They will have a style and tone just the like the written output of your business. Explainer videos, from a traditional whiteboard or animated characters, to a more modern abstract explainer, can let customers see your brand in a whole new way.
“About us” videos can bring your business to life and let the world see why what you do is so special. They are a real chance to show off your companies personality.
For longer-term video content marketing, vlogs allow you to connect with customers and bring real value to them by explaining a range of points in video form.
  • Explainer videos let you show your business off in a whole new light
  • Releasing video to social media brings far more engagement than text or images alone
  • A high quality “about us” video increases trust and lets you show off your team
  • Starting a video log (vlog) is a great way to build brand awareness and get followers
  • Live video is seeing a surge as customers love the raw and honest feel
If video doesn’t yet feature in your content strategy then it may be time for a rethink. The raft of tools to track engagement and user actions means that video production is no longer a fire-and-forget exercise. Video can bring big rewards in lead generation, customer acquisition, sales, and customer care.
Video on landing pages can increase conversions
After viewing video, users are more likely to buy by
Half of all executives are more likly to seek more information after seeing a video