A freelance content writer for blog posts that matter

It doesn’t matter how often you blog, if it’s not read by your target audience it’s not living up to its full potential. As a freelance content writer, I create blogs that not only say what needs to be said but that speak to your target readers in the language they want to read. I schedule your blogs so the content is timely and make sure the SEO and social impact is maximised.


logs are one of the most commonly misunderstood elements of websites. Most often they are underused or aim at the wrong target. Your business blog is a chance to really connect with customers, right wrongs, entertain, evangelise your products, show off your expertise and generally tell the world you are open to business. Written correctly they also add to your SEO. When you take all this into consideration you’ll understand why getting them right is important.


imely content is the watchword for healthy blogs. Having an editorial diary, which I provide as part of my service, means you can deliver blog posts that get the attention they deserve. All too often freelance content writers don’t take the time to understand your business. By doing my research and I pick up on hot-button issues in your industry. Timing your content to an event or national day of recognition or simply some important company information is far more likely to bring results than “10 reasons to buy our products”. As well as writing your business blog I can ensure they are on message, on target, and fresh and lively.