Ways to win with social media

Just posting every day, and hoping for the best, won’t get you that far. Some quick ways to make improvements to your process follow.


here is no magic bullet when it comes to social media, of course. But by following a few simple tactics and theories, combining them together, and testing, measuring and analyzing your results, it’s possible to win big across all your social channels. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at a few of the things you need to do if you want success with social media. Read on to find out more.

How many times to post on social media platforms?

OK, so let’s start with a tricky question to answer. How often – and how much – should you post in social media? The truth is that there is a fine line between getting your message out there and overcooking things on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. It’s important to be consistent, with regular posts at the times of day that gets the most response. But equally, if you flood your audience’s timelines with paid advertising and sales pitches every hour, you will turn them off. So, by all means, invest in the many automation tools that are out there – some of them are excellent. But don’t assume that extreme automation is the answer when the reverse will always be true.

Where to get content ideas

Again, there are no hard and fast rules for content creation for social media, other than it is imperative to keep giving your audience what they want. If you want to achieve success, it is vital that you are keeping track of the content that’s performing well for your channels. But most importantly, keep track of the content that isn’t working. Don’t forget, good content costs money and/or time. It’s pointless to keep pumping out work that isn’t getting a good response, or giving you any kind of return.

When and why to boost/pay the platforms for best results?

It’s something of a myth that social media is fantastic for free advertising. Take Facebook, for example. When the platform first arrived on the scene, businesses could form a solid presence on there for not much expenditure at all. However, over the years, Facebook has completely changed its algorithm, and unless you are using paid ads, How many people see your social media posts? It might be only a few percent of your audience unless you pony up some cash. Don’t see social media as free, or the chances are it won’t work for you. Instead, see Facebook, Twitter et al the same as any other advertising channel. Learn how to set up ads, get them in front of the right people, and get good at creating clickable, interesting posts if you want any kind of success.

How to deal with social media bots

Social media bots are everywhere, and the reality is that they are here to stay. And while they can be handy in boosting up your followers, the stark truth is that it is a pain. Not only does it look incredibly suspicious to have both accounts following you, but they can also mess with your analytics and cause you to make bad decisions if you aren’t careful. So, don’t believe the hype – bots will not do anything to improve your social media presence or online existence. Make sure you check and monitor your social media accounts on a regular basis, and use the ban feature of whatever social media site you are using. Audit accounts that look suspicious, too – routine audits can help you spot phony accounts. And finally, don’t be afraid to report the bots to your social media channel. Not only will you be improving your online reputation, but you will be doing some good for everyone else, too.

A great deal of my work as a freelance content creator is defining who brands need to target, how to word their message and in which ways they should reach out. Sound like an exercise you’d find useful? I’m always ready to talk about your needs.

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