Does Buying Followers On Social Media Actually Work?

Getting traction going on social media channels can be a really frustrating process. Does buying followers actually get you anywhere?


hen it comes to marketing your business on social media, the number of followers your accounts have is incredibly important. On Facebook and Instagram, having more followers – and the high number of ‘likes’ they are able to generate – boosts the popularity of anything you post. On Twitter, more followers provide more opportunities for retweets.

Furthermore, high social media follower numbers have a certain cachet in and of themselves. You will often see brands boasting about reaching certain follower numbers. There is good reason for their celebration, given that 74% of consumers will check a brand’s social media presence before committing to a purchase.

Given all of the above, it’s natural to understand why you may wish to focus on increasing your company’s social media following. However, actually persuading people to follow accounts is incredibly difficult. Even established customers frequently have little to no interest in following you online.

However, there is a solution to consider: purchasing followers to boost your brand’s social media image.

How does this work?

The basic premise is very simple. A company purchases followers in a simple online transaction. The “followers” are rarely accounts held by genuine people; instead, they are shill accounts that have been created specifically to generate high follower numbers for brands and companies.

What does it cost?

Very little. The price varies between providers and platform, but as a general guide, for 5,000 followers you can expect to pay…

What are the advantages of buying followers on social media?

  • Ensures your company appears to be more impressive due to a high follower account.
  • Incredibly fast; most companies will deliver thousands of followers within a week
  • Affordable, especially when compared to investing in long-term techniques designed to generate high numbers of natural followers

What are the disadvantages of buying followers on social media?

  • Genuinely frowned upon and seen as “cheating”; savvy customers will notice when your follower number is inflated, and they can confirm their suspicions using services that check how genuine an account’s follower numbers are. Being found to buy fake followers could greatly damage your business’ reputation.
  • One of the benefits of high social media followers is that your audience can like and interact with your posts. This helps to boost the chances of exposure across the platform. Bought followers will not interact with your posts in the same way. Their only value to your company is ornamental, as they make your account look more impressive.
  • The followers you buy will not be interested in your company – they are highly unlikely to even be real people – so you will not generate higher sales.

Will buying followers cause your account to be suspended?

It could do, as buying followers is against the terms and conditions of most social media profiles. The chances of this are minimal, but the risk is there.

Conclusion: should you buy social media followers?

As tempting as a boost to your company’s online presence may seem, buying followers on social media simply isn’t worth it. The number of followers you have really isn’t that important; this is a case where quality is far more important than quantity. Why are you on social media? To win business or win a popularity contest? Focus on producing great content and building your following naturally. This takes more time, but it is far more beneficial to your business in the long term.

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