5 Reasons why Good Copywriting Matters.

5 Reasons why Good Copywriting Matters Charles Hodson Freelance Writer

Just like great copy, bad copy stands out too. We’ve all seen them, those websites which confuse and confound rather than educate and entertain. That publication which was more new litter than newsletter. Life isn’t black and white and there is an entire scale of copywriting quality. What difference does great copy make and why should you care?

1. Good copy does more than just generate action

Good copy creates an emotional connection. The call to action is, quite rightly, a hugely important part of copywriting. Creating an emotional connection makes getting that click all the more likely. That click? That’s the one that makes you money.

2. Good copy inspires confidence

Your website is often the entrance hall to your business and many visitors will make their first impressions of your business based on what they see there. A grand sweeping hallway with interesting and relevant items on display will work better than a dingy corridor with faded carpet.

Yes grammatical mistakes will put some people off; but what you really want to guard against is confusing people. Bad copy is a sure fire way to make people think that your business is simply not for them. Good luck changing their mind from that position.

3. Good copy keeps them coming back

If you engage your readership and show them why your product or service is right for them they will be more likely to return. Update your content, give them something new to read, and talk to them. Instant Chat features, helpful blog posts, and forums are a great way of doing this.

4. Good copy gets you noticed

It’s not the job of a copywriter to show how clever they are, but how clever you are. Your product or service should be taking centre stage and have the spotlight firmly fixed upon it. Making people laugh with a clever turn of phrase is only useful if it generates you a lead, sale or conversion somewhere down the line. A well written, well placed, blog post on an influential website can create a real buzz around your brand.

5. Good copy ties it all together

Your business is complicated. There are places, people, products, services and images. A clear and consistent theme that pulls all these threads together is what makes a website or newsletter a sales tool rather than a promotional tool.

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